Course Programme

Language learning meets culture! Not only can you improve your German proficiency with our summer course, you also have the chance to learn about Wuerzburg, its university and the surrounding area.


The course programme comprises 80 teaching units (1 unit = 45 minutes) of language classes and cultural studies. Classes are held Mondays-Fridays 9 a.m. to 1/3 p.m. Classes are also supplemented by guided tours and day trips where you can discover more about the city and its university and get to know the country and the locals.

Language classes

We offer classes for levels A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 of the General European Framework. Improve your German skills in small international learning groups with our competent and experienced teachers. Presentations, group discussions and projects are as much part of the daily classes as grammar exercises or vocabulary. The course material will be provided in the beginning of the course.






9am - 1pm/3pm

(including breaks, lunch break)

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Trips and guided tours complement the language classes and are an integral part of our course programme. So you are expected to take a keen interest in learning about the city of Wuerzburg and its university, Germany and its people. Discover Wuerzburg during a guided city tour and on a tour through the famous Residence Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site. Or get a slightly different insight into everyday life the city on a visit to the local newspaper. Be curious - Wuerzburg has much to offer!


Leisure activities

A traditional Weißwurst breakfast, beer/wine tasting, walking tours or pub nights - your tutors organise a broad range of leisure activities for you. As local students, your tutors know all the best places and cafes in Wuerzburg and have some great insider tips. Your tutors are also happy to help with any questions or problems your might have.